Tundra Technical & TalentNet Webinar session on “Marketing Best Practices for Talent Attraction”

It’s where many recruiters run into a roadblock- in finding effective marketing methods to attract talent. But there is no denying the possibilities the scenario opens. To frame innovative marketing strategies, to stay in synch with the ever-shifting online communication landscape and tap into the best candidates.

No one knows this fact better than  Christina Esposito from  Tundra Technical  and  Rachel   Evans  from  TalentNet.  Two stalwarts in the marketing domain in the talent acquisition industry, they come with decades of collective experience.

Key topics to be discussed:

– How to define candidate persona

– How to build and manage your own talent community

– How to use social media effectively in recruitment marketing

– Tips on engaging with passive candidates

– Which metrics to focus on to measure the success of your marketing strategy?