How to leverage recruitment marketing to your brand’s advantage

By following certain best practices, recruitment marketing could be leveraged to your brand’s advantage. Let’s see the ways how.  

A personalized recruitment experience

The best recruitment experience from the candidate’s perspective includes two elements: 1) It’s not over-long. 2) It’s customized to suit their persona and skills. Every candidate that enters the recruitment pipeline has a unique set of skills and aspirations. Take some time to understand these. Share short forms they could fill to this end. Ask them relevant questions in an initial face-to-face interview. Once you have the information you need, craft personalized messages accordingly. Even if a candidate isn’t selected for a job, a customized approach still leaves a good impression in them. When they share this experience with their peers, they become advocates for your brand.  

Shareable content on social media

Many candidate outreach programs include LinkedIn as the only social platform in their strategy. LinkedIn caters exclusively to professionals. So, it makes sense to try and leverage it. But to ignore other social media channels is a mistake. For one, we have a fragmented internet landscape- with people spending time on different platforms. It’s imprudent to expect all relevant candidates to see your communication if it’s shared only on one platform. Instead, share it over multiple channels. In fact, tailor your content to suit different channels. For example, create video snippets showcasing the cultural activities in the company – they are ideal for platforms like Instagram. Such content has a higher appeal for being shared. This helps spread brand messages among a wider audience.

Showcase employer brand values on your Careers webpage

The Careers page on your website is one of the key elements in the overall talent recruitment strategy. But many companies underestimate its value, treating it as only a space to put up the latest job openings. That’s certainly a key function of the page. But equally important is to showcase the employer brand values. You may embed a video explaining the same- ideally, narrated by a company representative. You can also highlight the work culture in the page. Include pictures and videos depicting the same. Employee testimonials are another element you could include- perhaps, short videos of employees sharing their experience working in the company. Such elements build a positive employer brand image in the visitor’s mind.

Leveraging the ex-employees’ network

An overlooked aspect of recruitment marketing is leveraging your ex-employees to fill a new role. This means learning about their interest in a new role, and asking if they have someone to recommend otherwise. Such recommendations have two advantages: 1) Given the ex-employees are familiar with your company’s work culture, the persons they recommend are probably culturally suited for the firm. 2) By spreading the word about the job, the ex-employees function as brand advocates.

Leverage current employees’ network

What’s said about the ex-employees is applicable for current employees too. It is standard practice for companies to have a reward system for employees if someone they recommend takes up a job in the company. Such practices show the firm values the employees’ opinions and recommendations, which positively shade the employer brand.

Influence reviews and ratings positively

Online reviews are an important parameter by which people judge your company. By leaving a good impression in the candidates, you give them a reason to rate and review your company positively.

Use a tech platform that lets you project your brand

The recruitment process may get impersonal for the job candidate. This is especially true when third-party recruiters reach out on behalf of your company. They rarely give the name of the company, instead describing it in generic terms like “a leading software as a service firm”. But you miss opportunities to project your brand by such practices. Enter Direct Sourcing: a method to engage with candidates by leveraging your employer brand. There are tech platforms which help you do that with ease. TalentNet is a case in point. It’s a single doorway to recruit all types of talent- contingent, full time or freelancers. You could share branded job posts for different types of talent from a single space. You can also customize messages for candidates, and communicate with them over multiple channels. Such features make it an excellent tool to leverage recruitment marketing to your brand’s advantage.

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