Leading the industry - one hire at a time

Leading the industry - one hire at a time

A new age of hiring - Why choose Direct Sourcing?

Direct Sourcing allows companies to use their already established brands to find, attract and engage with top talent. The result? You save time, money and talent, while empowering candidates to control their career journey.


It's not an organization - it's a community:

Our Talent Community platform is intuitive, easy to use and customizable, ensuring your brand stays directly connected to the community your company has cultivated. Through utilizing the TalentNet Direct Sourcing platform, companies bridge the gap between managers, curators, service partners and hiring managers, streamlining the talent engagement process, and improving the candidate experience.

The One Doorway advantage - taking Direct Sourcing to the next level

Through our One Doorway to talent, you have the ability to build off of your company’s Direct Sourcing strategy to combine talent acquisition for full-time, contingent and freelance workers, creating a unified candidate experience for all talent.

Finding top talent has never been more secure

Security and privacy compliance to ensure data protection and help minimize the risk. While it may not be glamorous, nothing is more important to us than protecting your security and data privacy.


The TalentNet Difference

We're Innovators
There's a reason why we have the largest corporate subscription base of Fortune 500 companies.
We're Innovators.