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Direct sourcing models that enable leading organizations to optimize their resources while connecting with their ideal contingent workforce.

Enterprise organizations today need a way to simplify their contract talent acquisition – in a way that helps them save time, money and resources. With the TalentNet platform, businesses can utilize two unique models that are built to integrate with their existing vendor management and applicant tracking systems: TalentCommunity and TalentBench.

Acting as bookends to leading VMS, ATS and ERP systems, TalentCommunity and TalentBench rely on an API-first, single-page application architecture, easily working together with any platform.

The TalentNet TalentCommunity

The TalentNet TalentBench

Single-Touch Job Applications
TalentCommunity members can directly apply to open positions from their smartphones within seconds.
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Machine-Learning Algorithm
Users get automatically matched to open job opportunities, and can refer peers to the community.
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Customized Worker Profiles
Users can choose from a client-specific list of titles, pick from over 50,000 skills, and list their contact information, rate, availability and history with your company.
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Social Media Integrations
Workers can log in to TalentCommunity through Facebook and LinkedIn to expedite the process.
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Simple User Interface
Taking notes from leading social media platforms, TalentCommunity is intuitive with a mobile friendly design.
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