TalentNet Named Best Frontline-Focused Solution by HR Tech Awards

Talent Acquisition innovator recognized for creative, client-focused solutions 

Toronto, Canada, May 24, 2023 ⁠— TalentNet, a leader in the Direct Sourcing space, is excited to announce the company has been honored with the distinguished 2023 HR Tech Award in the Talent Acquisition category for Best Frontline-Focused Solution. 

These awards recognize innovative technology in the HR space, focusing on companies who create seamless, intuitive platforms to help connect candidates with the right positions. 

“In a world of scarce talent, TalentNet is bringing the power of Direct Sourcing to employers looking for contingent and full-time staff,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “Candidates for frontline roles can apply in as little as 60 seconds, and employers can see immediate and significant cost savings versus other traditional hiring methods. Very impressive.”

TalentNet is proud to be highlighted along with the industry’s top tech companies, and will continue to focus on creating positive candidate experiences using cutting edge technology.

“We are thrilled to receive this honor from the 2023 HR Tech Awards. This recognition shows how important frontline solutions are in the talent acquisition sphere,” said Jonathan Prothero, TalentNet’s President. “TalentNet is focused on building a One Doorway platform that helps companies attract and manage all worker types through a single, branded entry point building a diverse talent community.”

TalentNet’s platform allows hiring managers and curators to smoothly build and manage their candidate pipelines. Users can easily organize candidates and quickly send email and text communications, as well as create messaging templates to make reaching out to top talent as intuitive as possible. 

“As the originator of the Direct Sourcing space, TalentNet utilizes our vast experience, ongoing customer feedback and the latest innovations in AI to constantly evolve our product to create a seamless talent acquisition experience.” said Prothero.

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About TalentNet:

TalentNet introduced the world to a better way of sourcing in 2013 with the launch of the TalentNet contingent labor Direct Sourcing platform. Today, Direct Sourcing is one of the fastest-growing trends globally in talent acquisition. As the technology pioneer in Direct Sourcing, we empower some of the world’s leading brands to provide job candidates with a seamless hiring experience while simplifying supply chain complexity and reducing cost. Our mission is to transform how organizations engage and acquire talent.