TalentNet’s Game Boosters | Make hiring easier – one upgrade at a time

Without the right resources, the hiring process can be lengthy and time consuming. Our team at TalentNet works to help curators and businesses seamlessly find the right talent without breaking a sweat. As we continue to grow with our users, TalentNet releases upgrades and new features to make connecting with the right fit for any role as effortless as possible. 

Each quarter, we’ll release our Game Boosters, where we are showcasing our top new features that save time, make hiring more cost effective and make finding talent just that little bit easier. 

This quarter’s Game Boosters top 7 upgrades are designed to improve how you interact with our software and create a more efficient workflow for curators and companies alike.

1) Get through your to do list faster with our newest templates

Our template features allows businesses and curators to create templates for important communications instead of writing a new email or text every time you interact with a potential hire.

Users can now make three types of templates:

  • Emails
  • Notes
  • SMS

Each template has the following five categories:

  • Generic
  • Interview
  • Offer
  • Outreach
  • Rejection

2) Keep applicant information where you need it most with our Pins & Recents feature

Our Pins and Recents upgrade works with our side sheet feature. The upgrade lets users search and access recently viewed candidates in TalentBench (including their profile and job profile pages) and pin this information on the pinned tab of the side sheet. That way, you’ll always have access to relevant details without having to search through a list of profiles.  

3) Sign off in style with an email signature

Add a touch of professionalism to your emails using our newest email signature feature. Users can now attach an email signature to outgoing emails from TalentBench. The signature can be turned on and off and is generated using your profile information, which can be modified at any time. The signature also comes with a tenant-branded logo.

4) Save time with our Job Merge feature

Our new job merge feature allows curators and businesses to publish TalentBench jobs faster, meaning you’ll be able to field candidate applications without having to wait hours (or days) for a VMS job to be officially published.  

5) Stay on top of vital job details with our Status Tag feature

Status Tags are customizable, pre-defined tags tied to one particular job. Use them to categorize and identify different job stages and any other information needed to help you stay at the top of your game.

Tags also let users identify themselves and see what stage a job is at in the workflow. 

6) Find the right fit faster with our latest Beeline / TalentNet integration – Pre-Approval Functionality 

This Beeline / TalentNet upgrade is a game changer when it comes to finding the right candidate at breakneck speed. 

Our Pre-approval Functionality lets curators see the status of jobs that aren’t yet approved. This way, once a job is officially approved, users can immediately submit potential candidates to VMS.

Through this upgrade, curators can quickly find, filter and report on the job approval status received from Beeline’s VMS.

Users can also choose to receive notifications when a job is officially approved.

Our newest integration gives curators a huge advantage, allowing users to find the perfect fit first.

7) Introducing our newest job board partnership – Professional Diversity Network (PDN) Job Board**

We’re excited to announce our latest job board integration with PDN, America’s top diversity recruiting platform, which has eight partner sites. 

This newest partnership will help companies find a diverse range of candidates and expand their search capabilities.

** Available only in the US.

Inspiring growth

TalentNet is empowering companies to find the right hire faster and more efficiently through our one doorway approach. Every new development helps connect curators and companies to applicants faster and more effectively. 

Next quarter, we’ll present another batch of our latest game boosters that will affect how you operate your Direct Sourcing programs. To take the next step towards a seamless hiring process, book a demo here .