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Learn first-hand how TalentNavigator can optimize your talent acquisition process.

The employment landscape is changing and skilled talent is getting harder to find.

  • It takes only 10 days for the best candidates to get taken off the market
  • It takes about 28 days to fill a job opening
  • Talent shortages remain one of 2024’s biggest challenges for hiring professionals

TalentNet’s intuitive platform supports companies through their talent acquisition process, ensuring quicker time to hire, better candidate experiences, smoother communication with top talent and impressive cost savings.

Our Clients See:

An average savings of around

$3 million

An average of

Direct Sourcing Placements

An average of

Job Fulfillment Rate

An average of

Community Growth

TalentBench - A One-Stop Hiring Hub

Our TalentBench platform works as a One Doorway solution, allowing companies to find a variety of candidates, from full-time to contingent and freelance. 

Through TalentBench, Curators can:

  • Stay connected with top talent through easy-to-use communication features, including email and text capabilities and communication templates.
  • Create a 60-second application process through our AI-based job matching solution, which matches applicants with relevant positions based on their qualifications.
  • Manage and grow branded Talent Communities, allowing companies to leverage their brand power to attract loyal candidates. 
  • Access our job description optimization tool, which uses OpenAI to quickly create concise, well-written job descriptions that attract top talent faster.

TalentNavigator - A Different Way to Hire

Find the right fit faster with a sophisticated personal hiring AI Generative partner.

Powered by AI Gen tech, TalentNavigator allows Curators to leverage deep candidate insights and real-time talent data to quickly fill roles with the right candidates.

Instead of milling through hundreds of resumes, Curators can ask the AI assistant to search each Talent Community’s internal database, providing quick answers to the most complicated hiring questions.

From “Give me a list of engineering candidates with 12 years of experience who live in the Greater Chicago area,” to “Which of our marketing candidates are willing to work from the office?” Curators can ask almost any talent acquisition question and have an engaging interaction with the AI assistant.

Empower Your Hiring Professionals

TalentNet supports Curators, allowing them to spend their time doing what matters - connecting with top talent. With TalentNavigator, you can:

Increase Productivity

TalentNavigator can effortlessly sift through hundreds of resumes, allowing Curators to spend time on more important tasks and increase time to hire.

Futureproof Your Company

The talent acquisition landscape is changing. Companies either change with it or get left behind. Stay a step ahead of your competitors with our intuitive solution.

TalentNavigator uses cutting-edge AI-powered tech to create a smoother, cost effective hiring process.

Make Informed Decisions Through Candidate Insights and On-Demand Data

TalentNavigator searches hundreds of candidate profiles to provide deep insights on applicant experience, preferences and hiring fit. The tool can answer complicated queries in seconds, helping with key decision making.

Ensure Curators have all the Control

TalentNavigator works to support Curators. The tool makes curation more efficient, allowing hiring professionals to do their jobs quicker and easier.

Take Out Bias

TalentNavigator ensures your hiring process is free from subconscious bias. Our tech includes advanced sentiment analysis, which detects and declines biased inquiries, creating an objective hiring process.

Protect Private Data

TalentNet prioritizes data security. TalentNavigator does not store any personal data, and only uses the minimal amount of information needed to answer each query. All personal data is encrypted and not used to train the tool.

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