Direct Sourcing leaders offer free interactive experience of AI-powered hiring tool

TalentNet’s newest experience allows users to test drive TalentNavigator, the latest feature addition in their Direct Source platform.

Toronto, Canada, May 30, 2024 ⁠— As the originators of Direct Sourcing, TalentNet is continuing to break boundaries in the talent acquisition industry by offering a 7-day free virtual interactive experience that highlights its AI-powered TalentNavigator platform.

This tool, which is now able to automate key tasks while creating shortlists in minutes, allows Curators to streamline the hiring process. 

Streamlining the talent acquisition process with AI-powered tools

Functioning as a sophisticated AI Generative virtual partner, TalentNavigator leverages industry-leading generative AI-powered technology to intelligently analyze and interpret each client’s talent pool, delivering real-time insights and comprehensive answers to complex curation queries. Users will be able to explore TalentBench as well and can leverage the tool to find the right fit for each position by including key criteria such as location, skill sets, and pay rates.

“TalentNavigator represents a key shift in the market as hiring executives begin to understand the importance of optimizing the talent acquisition process through cutting-edge AI technology,” said Justin Lumby, TalentNet’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our 7-day experience is a unique offering that empowers companies to test out our revolutionary Direct Sourcing tool on their own time. Through this experience, they gain direct insight not only into Direct Sourcing but also harnessing the full potential of AI.” 

Empowering companies to optimize their workflow

The platform includes job search capabilities, allowing Curators to quickly find job openings for candidates based on customized criteria.  

TalentNet’s newest updates enable the tool to streamline manual tasks, allowing companies to spend more time connecting with candidates and engaging with top talent. 

These tasks include creating notes on a candidate’s profile, inviting talent to apply for a specific position, and pin or tag candidates using unique labels, making them easier to find.

In the future, TalentNavigator will let users make updates to the candidate application status workflow, accept job offers and interviews, send text messages and emails, share candidates with other TalentBench users, schedule actions, access conversation history and even manage talent pools. 

Ensuring continued data protection

TalentNet’s top priority is to keep client data safe. The company attained the industry’s highest privacy compliance levels, which include  SOC 2 Type II compliance and ISO 27001 and 27017 certifications. TalentNavigator does not store any personal information, and all data is encrypted at all times. 

Curators have full control over the process and are able to approve all outputs before they are processed by the tool. 

To be part of TalentNet’s 7-day free virtual interactive experience, simply sign up at the TalentNet website by completing a form and wait to be contacted by a TalentNet rep.

About TalentNet: 
TalentNet introduced the world to a better way of sourcing in 2013 with the launch of the TalentNet contingent labor Direct Sourcing platform. Today, Direct Sourcing is one of the fastest-growing trends globally in talent acquisition. As the technology pioneer in Direct Sourcing, we empower some of the world’s leading brands to provide job candidates with a seamless hiring experience while simplifying supply chain complexity and reducing cost.