TalentNet announces breakthrough AI innovation utilizing GPT-3 to write, enrich and optimize job descriptions

Our latest AI innovation using GPT-3 utilizes cutting-edge AI to write, enrich and optimize job descriptions.

Toronto, Canada, March 6, 2023 — TalentNet’s newest GPT-3 integration will enhance our job matching proficiency and enable companies to craft better, more effective job description

The hunt for talent

As every industry faces a challenging talent shortage, job descriptions have become a crucial tool for attracting highly skilled candidates.

Talent acquisition surveys have shown that 80 percent of organizations are having difficulty filling openings while over half of recruitment professionals struggle to shortlist the right candidates from a large pool.

A well-written job description is the key to solving both problems. Companies with ideal descriptions will filter out the wrong candidates while attracting applicants that fit well, both for the position and for company culture.

When writing a description, everything matters, including tone. If a job post is too casual or doesn’t match your company culture properly, you’re likely to see two to four times fewer applicants.

Introducing GPT-3 to our AI-powered model

TalentNet understands the pressure companies face to craft the perfect description, which is why we’ll be integrating GPT-3’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to help curators and hiring managers create ideal descriptions quickly and effectively.

Currently, TalentNet uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) through Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) – a machine learning framework that allows our platform to quickly match job applicants to open positions based on their qualifications. By the spring of 2023, we’ll integrate the GPT-3 AI Innovation into our platform to enhance NLP usage. GPT-3, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, is a deep learning language model that produces human-level text using prompts.

“This technology is revolutionizing the talent acquisition industry,” said Justin Lumby, TalentNet’s Chief Operating Officer. “Through this integration, we’ll be able to ensure each job description is perfectly tailored to our clients’ ideal candidate.”

Finding better candidates faster

Our newest solution will work with TalentNet’s internal algorithm to enhance the curator experience. Curators and hiring managers will be able to create more accurate job descriptions while still maintaining brand voice and tone.

“Manually-written descriptions are often less attractive and time-consuming,” Lumby said. “Our model allows talent acquisition professionals to quickly find the right fit for each position.” Once candidates enter each company’s talent pool, our AI tool will match applicants with roles they’re most qualified for, ensuring a smoother hiring process overall.

Encouraging workplace diversity through well written ads

Job descriptions are especially important when attracting diverse candidates, as certain words can discourage minority groups from applying. Using “masculine” language such as “aggressive”, or “outspoken”, for example, often attracts more male than female applicants. This is especially true for leadership positions. These job ads often include exclusionary language that acts as a barrier for underrepresented demographics, such as asking for CEO experience rather than executive management experience.

Our AI integration will allow companies to write ads tailored to underrepresented groups, ensuring diverse candidates are more likely to apply.

Taking our solution for a test ride

“Companies have a golden opportunity to become early innovators,” Lumby said, adding that TalentNet will be offering clients the ability to beta test our GPT-3 integration.

About TalentNet:

TalentNet introduced the world to a better way of sourcing in 2013 with the launch of the TalentNet contingent labor Direct Sourcing platform. Today, direct sourcing is one of the fastest-growing trends globally in talent acquisition. As the technology pioneer in direct sourcing, we empower some of the world’s leading brands to provide job candidates with a seamless hiring experience while simplifying supply chain complexity and reducing cost. Our mission is to transform how organizations engage and acquire talent. We won’t stop innovating until all work seekers, regardless of work type or background, are seen equally for what they are…people.

TalentNet’s solution for Fortune 1000 companies and its rapidly growing list of enterprise clients is available at talentnet.com.

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