The types of stories to tell in employer brand communication

An employer brand is distinct from a company’s customer-facing brand. Marketing the latter includes storytelling through ads and other marketing materials. But efficient employer branding also involves good storytelling. The intended audiences are your current and prospective employees. But what are the kinds of stories that you should tell in your employer brand communication?

Mobility stories

Stories which illustrate the talent mobility within your organization help prospective employees understand the opportunities which await them. Regularly get insights from the HR department and leaders about those who have shifted to newer roles. Also, get from them a list of employees who have shown a habit of taking on new challenges. Tell the stories of such employees, and the special rewards that they reap.

Stories about teamwork

Give prospective employees an idea of the kinds of roles involved in a team.
Give them a peek into the work culture of the company.
A best practice is to have the team members speak about their work experience on video, which you could then share with the prospective employees. To get in-depth stories of teamwork, get inputs from the relevant hiring manager.

Stories which highlight teamwork could help attract skilled talent. The uses of such stories are twofold:

Stories which connect with the organization’s mission

Job candidates- especially young professionals eager to prove themselves- are interested in working for companies that back their mission statements with actions. Create stories that depict how your company does that. Even better, let your employees share in their own words how their personal beliefs align with the company’s stated mission.

Stories about the company’s values

Employer brand communication, should include stories that talk about the company’s values are useful in two instances:

When you need to show prospective candidates something other than the core benefits like salary and other perks to entice them.
When you want to help a new employee understand the values which the company stands for. Instead of simply stating the values, depict how they are put to action daily in the organization.
Stories about diversity

Include first-hand stories from employees from traditionally underrepresented ethnicities and gender. Connect with hiring managers and team leads to learn what each team does to make a diverse group feel welcome. These points should also be included in the story that you communicate. In your job posts, make sure that you mention the importance of diversity and inclusion to your company. On a related front, here are some tips to ensure an inclusive hiring process.

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