Elements to look for in a talent community tech platform

From helping reduce the cost of hiring to improving the quality of candidates hired, the benefits of having a talent community are many. Thankfully, there are tech platforms you could use to easily build talent communities. You just need to be aware of certain factors while choosing one, to get the most out of it.

Branded job posts

The job posts you create and share over the tech platform should be branded. This helps you leverage the power of your employer brand while recruiting. The benefits of this are many. To begin with, skilled job candidates prefer working for a reputed brand over other companies. They may even consider joining the firm for a lesser salary than what others offer. Also, more  candidates apply if a job posting comes from a reputed brand as opposed to some unknown talent recruiting agency.

Easy to apply for jobs

A good tech platform should make it easy for the candidates to apply. They shouldn’t have to fill a large number of fields while applying. If someone is part of a talent community, their basic details and CV are captured in these platforms. In such cases, the candidates should ideally be able to apply for the job with a single click.

The ownership of talent community

In certain platforms, the companies only have access to the talent community without owning it. For instance, once your subscription for the platform ends, you wouldn’t be able to access the talent community anymore. But some others grant you complete ownership of the talent community, even after your subscription for the service ends. Needless to say, you should look for this latter kind of tech platforms.

Real-time candidate activity reporting

No matter how well thought out a recruiting plan is, chances are, you would need to refine it at some point during the recruitment drive. These refinements are to be made based on how the recruitment is proceeding. But to assess it, you should know certain key statistics in real time. That’s why real-time candidate activity reporting is an important feature of a good talent community tech platform. Among the key metrics are lead conversion rate, offer conversion rate and applications per job.

Assured security compliance

A talent community inherently contains information  tied to individuals. Security provisions should be in place to prevent the misuse of such information. Also, many countries and organizations mandate security provisions in such instances. Non-compliance with these norms may attract substantial fines. So, the tech platform you choose should have a robust security infrastructure. Make sure it fulfills the regulatory requirements of bodies like the GDPR, CCPA and CPPA. Further, the platform should be flexible enough, so it could be configured to suit any future security norms.

Ability to include all candidate types in the talent community

A tech platform that only helps you add certain types of candidates would give rise to a fragmented tech landscape for recruiters. No matter the type of talent- contingent, freelancers or full time, you should be able to include them in the talent community. Also, there should be provision to have both current and previous employees in the community. A holistic set of talent in the community means a ready-to-access resource for when a new role opens, no matter the type of the role. 

Automatically match skills with roles

Recruiters would have a tough time if they need to sift through all the different profiles to find suitable matches for a role. So, ensure that a mechanism to do the same is built into the tech platform. If the said mechanism is powered by Artificial Intelligence, even better: that lowers the possibility of human bias which could happen in such instances.

Two-way communication

Fostering a strong relationship with people in the talent community is important. And relationships are built on transparent communication. This makes the idea of two-way communication essential to a talent community tech platform. The recruiter should be able to relay important messages to the talent. Also, the talent may have questions they want answered without delay. Both these aspects expedite the recruitment process.

Customizing messages

There would be different types of candidates in your talent community. Further, the level of interest each candidate shows for a role could range from vague curiosity to earnest interest. The way you interact with candidates should pertain to their personalities and interests in a role. To this end, you should be able to incorporate images and even emojis in your messages.

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