Tips to ensure wide adoption of recruitment tech in your company

There are many benefits to using a recruitment tech platform including potentially reducing the time to hire and improving the quality of those hired. So, without further ado, here are the best practices to ensure wide adoption of a recruitment tech platform in your company.  

Communicate why it’s important for the company

Make sure that the relevant teams know what you aim to achieve with the technology. Inform them why it is meaningful to your company at the present moment. Create an awareness campaign for the employees based on such points. Such information gives teams even more reason to adopt and appreciate the technology.

Communicate how it will benefit the end user

The potential users of the technology usually have pain points in how they currently conduct recruitment programs. Identify these points and show them how the tech platform helps address the same. Tell them about the time and effort they could save by using the solution. Also, ask the team members to what extent they would be using the platform. Identify those who would use it the most- they could  help influence others in the team to adopt it.

Communicate how to use the tool

Typically, when a new tool is adopted in a company, a training session is provided. Trainers usually teach users everything about the tool in one giant session that lasts for hours. But your team members need to keep in mind so many things to perform their daily jobs; it’s unadvisable to load their minds with more information than they could easily digest.

Instead, break down the training into multiple sessions. Create supplementary documents which users could use to learn more about the platform. Seek the help of your internal marketing department to create these documents. Ensure that the content provided is not descriptive but to the point. For easy reference, include an index too.

Tie in the use of the recruitment tech platform with employer brand values

If consistently improving the quality of work is a brand value, then communicate how using the tech platform could help employees in this regard. The same holds true for improving the employees’ work life- typically, tech solutions ease workload.

Identify major stumbling blocks in adopting the tech

Multiple reasons may prevent tech adoption. Perhaps, employees feel intimidated thinking that using the platform demands technical ingenuity. You could remedy the situation by showing them how simple it is to use. Or maybe they just don’t see the need to leave behind the current way of recruiting. In this case, enlighten them about the benefits that they would get by using the recruitment tech platform.

Set a realistic timeline

Even if the employees are ready to adopt a recruitment tech platform, it would still take some time. For one, they should find time off from their schedule to make the transition. Also, they would need to familiarize themselves with the platform before they start using it.  So, provide a realistic timeline for wide adoption of the platform.

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