Simple yet effective steps to create an exceptional candidate experience

Simple yet effective steps to create an exceptional candidate experience

Job candidates these days come with a fair amount of knowledge about the jobs available in the market, and the benefits associated with those roles. They are also aware of the major companies in the sector they work in, and the pros and cons of each. Such knowledge derives largely from the information floating around the internet. Engaging with such candidates meaningfully is an art unto itself. And presenting them with a great candidate experience is easier said than done.

Thankfully, there are some simple steps that you can take, which cumulatively result in a great candidate experience.

1.Be mindful of the candidates’ time

One thing that most organizations overlook while recruiting people is the time the candidates spend in the recruitment process. Usually, the candidates would spend considerable amounts of time preparing and polishing their CVs and researching your company before undergoing the actual screening and interview processes.

A LinkedIn study in which 14,000 people participated shows that it could take a candidate up to 3 months between sending a job application and being onboarded. However, the candidates only remain interested in a job for  ten days since sending the application. After that, they move on to apply for other jobs. So, the longer your company’s recruitment process, the higher the chances the candidates would seek a job elsewhere.

2.Simplify the application process as much as possible

Huge organizations usually offer great employee benefits. This in turn attracts candidates to apply for new roles. However, when it’s time to fill in the job application, many candidates begin to rethink. This is because the application form is long with too many questions they need to answer.

It’s a good practice to have job aspirants register- this ushers them into your company’s talent pool. But there is no need to make filling the application a tedious task.Ask only necessary details as required fields in the application form. As for the rest of the details, you could seek them during the initial interview rounds.

3.Communicate the recruitment process clearly at the outset

Whether you are hiring inexperienced candidates or experienced professionals, they are bound to feel some level of stress before entering a recruitment process. A good candidate experience ensures this stress is as minimal as possible.

To this end, clearly communicate the steps involved in the recruitment process at the start itself. This leaves no space for uncertainty in the candidates’ mind about the process. And they could better prepare for it.

4.Make your career webpage user-friendly

A well-designed career webpage is key to improving the candidate experience. It is among the first places one searches for a job. So, ensure that the candidates are able to find what they want in the page easily.

Here are some of the best practices for improving a career page:

  • Embed images and videos of team-bonding and CSR events that are held in your company. This gives job candidates an idea of the work culture.
  • Periodically analyze the analytics for the career page. Observe how job seekers behave when they are on the page, and make appropriate changes based on these observations.
  • Make sure that job descriptions are accurate and informative.
  • If there are many job categories, support job-search by categories.

5.Connect frequently with the candidates

‘Stay in touch’ is a phrase that we often use in everyday life. And that’s great advice for crafting a great candidate experience too.

Provide continuous updates about where the candidates are in the recruitment process. Use communication channels according to the types of messages that you want to convey.For instance, if you wish to communicate the next step in the recruitment process, a text message might be suitable for immediate notification. For a rejection letter, email may be the better medium as you could explain in detail the reasons for the rejection.

6.Be transparent about your hiring process

Being transparent about your recruitment process with the candidates is an essential step in creating a great candidate experience. In our tech-infused hiring landscape, this is particularly true while using Artificial Intelligence.AI-backed processes help fast-track the recruitment and impartially match candidates with roles. However, the way AI is used in the recruitment process should be communicated to the candidates from the outset.For instance, if you are planning to use AI in video interviews, do so only with the candidate’s consent.

7.Give candidates insights into the job and work culture

This is a part of recruitment process for many companies, but only in a superficial sense. Usually, the work culture is reduced to mere ‘perks’ mentioned in the job description. As for the insights into the role, companies just mention the technical skills required.But to create a great candidate experience, you need to go beyond that.

Share with the candidates videos showing the work life in the office. Also,let the candidates interact with the key people in their immediate team, as part of the interview process. This gives them a deeper understanding of what their role entails.

8.Continue engaging with candidates even after they accept the job offer

Once the candidates have accepted the job offer, engage with them in deeper conversations about the role and the organization. Before their date of joining arrives, give them the chance to ask questions they may have about their role, and have them answered.

This leads to a meaningful engagement through the whole recruitment process.

9.Use a robust technology platform

A good technology platform goes a long way in creating a great candidate experience. TalentNet comes with a set of features specifically aimed at improving the candidate experience.You could craft customized messages for candidates. You can also communicate with candidates via multiple channels including SMS and email. This ensures that you could connect with candidates over a channel of their preference.

To learn even more about how TalentNet can help create a great candidate experience, and streamline your recruitment process, please book a product demo.