What is Direct Sourcing & its Benefits.

What is Direct Sourcing & its Benefits.

Direct Sourcing is using brand equity to attract, curate, and engage high-quality talent through a branded private talent pool.

39% of large companies that use contingent workers use Direct Sourcing to find their contingent workers, and 23% plan to use Direct Sourcing in the near future.

—Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA)


  • Swiftly Source & Manage Contingent Workers at Optimal Costs.
  • Transparent Recruitment Process (Organization and for Candidates).
  • Seamless & Integrated Candidate Experience.
  • Streamline the Talent Acquisition Process
  • Effortlessly Manage Compliance & Regulatory Requirements
  • Reduce the Risk of Misclassifying Talent
  • Technology Powered to Efficiently Manage Talent Supply Chain
  • Procure Diverse Talent to Empower Workplace
  • Reduce Time-To-Fill
  • Lower Sourcing Costs
  • Leverage & Elevate Enterprise Brands to Attract the Right Talent

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