Is finding and attracting top talent keeping you up at night?

Is finding and attracting top talent keeping you up at night?


  • Talent acquisition is disjointed across your
  • Inconsistent use of the organizational brand to attract
  • Talent supply chain
  • Poor candidate experience and limited impacts on DE & I strategies
  • Slow or manual talent redeployment processes – for both internal and external

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As a single source of truth, the TalentNet SaaS platform brings together talent data from multiple commonly used resource planning and tracking systems, such as VMS, ATS, and HRIS.

As a Total Talent Partner, we provide one single doorway into your organization through a seamless hiring experience and a robust talent supply chain with an intelligent platform for talent management solutions.

TalentNet is a SaaS company that brings vast experience and skills powered by technology to successfully attract, retain and manage your global talent.

We are a one-stop solution for all your talent needs and talent supply chain management.

We reduce time-to-hire,cost-to-hire, and enable you to quickly redeploy talent.


Empowering talent to view and engage with all client work types through a single platform.


  1. Strong track record, with proven results for numerous enterprise clients across all major markets in the
  2. Deep integrations with Beeline, SAP Fieldglass, VNDLY, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Taleo and
  3. Comprehensive DEI BI solution developed in conjunction with leading US EEOC Law
  4. Often trusted beyond a software provider as a strategic advisor in developing and implementing direct sourcing
  5. As a privately-held company, we have the flexibility to always do the right
  6. Our best-in-class Project Management Office (PMO) leads the entire direct sourcing implementation, using deep experience, established workflows, and proven
  7. Our platform integrates directly with the Diversity Job Network, which enables clients to reach diverse work candidates through more than 12 diversity job
  8. We have an in-house privacy and compliance department responsible for monitoring and implementing legal and regulatory changes and continuously upgrading our We are ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 Compliant.
  9. Our solutions meet the stringent regulatory requirements of GDPR, as well as CCPA, CPPA,
  10. Our team maintains close-knit Executive-level relationships with all of our technology, Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Curation partners, many involving personal relationships that go back more than 20


Reduce Talent Supply Chain Complexity
  • Embedded deep relationships with partners in the
  • Extensive integrations with leading source, spend, and talent management
Improve Job Candidate Experience
  • Our platform provides talent a single doorway into your organization, using a brand-attracted
  • Accessible on any device with an integrated and personalized
  • Real time notifications when a new role is published or a new match is
  • Enhanced recruiter to candidate communication through SMS, personalized email
Security and GRC
  • We have an in-house security and compliance department to meet and stay on top of the stringent regulatory requirements of GDPR, as well as CCPA,CPPA,
  • Strict adherence to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) norms. GRC refers to the strategy by which an organization’s governance, risk management and regulatory compliance are carried
Diversity Solutions That Make a Difference
  • Compares national occupational classification at the municipal, state, and federal level against your talent pool to provide you with a diversity
  • Built with a diversity-first lens and empowers the workplace with talent from various backgrounds, ethnicities, gender,etc.
The Contingent Workforce Space
  • Maintains close-knit Executive-level relationships with our technology, MSP, and Curator partner. They are only a quick phone call away!
  • Use technology platforms to ensure deep professional We tailor direct sourcing program to suit customers.
Reduce Talent Acquisition Costs
  • The average program placing 100 candidates can expect a greater than $1MM


TalentNet is a human capital management software company founded on the belief that industry-leading companies can leverage their brand, existing software platforms and existing

disparate data to attract, retain and manage their global talent more effectively.

As the technology pioneer and industry leader, TalentNet extends existing enterprise software platforms to enable cutting edge talent solutions:


As the leader in the contingent labor direct sourcing marketplace, TalentNet supports global leaders in utilizing their powerful brands to build and maintain a contingent labor direct sourcing solution.


Through TalentNet’s deep and numerous industry partnerships and technology integrations, TalentNet enables both full-time and contingent talent attraction from a single platform.


TalentNet’s unique platform affords a superior talent experience by enabling a single-entry point for all an organization’s talent.

Full-time, contingent and freelance workers can build a single profile and be matched, in real-time, to new opportunities empowering a better candidate experience and a more diverse workforce.


Privacy & Compliance department responsible for monitoring and implementing legal and regulatory changes and continuously upgrading our solution.

Our solutions meet the stringent regulatory requirements of GDPR, as well as CCPA, CPPA, PIPEDA.

Fully certified in ISO 27001 since 2018 and SOC2 since 2019.

TalentNet has surpassed security and compliance scrutiny from some of the largest, risk adverse corporations globally, including BP, Pfizer, Wells Fargo.


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