Enterprise Security and Candidate Fraud: Challenges & Solutions

Enterprise Security and Candidate Fraud: Challenges & Solutions

Concerned about enterprise security & candidate fraud? Then, this is just the webinar for you!

With the pivot to work-from-home, companies around the world are grappling with increasing instances of candidate fraud. From candidates with fake credentials to those who sign up for multiple jobs they sub-contract to others, the problem manifests in different ways. Join Eddy Han, VP of Security, Compliance & Data Privacy at TalentNet Inc and Ben Walker, VP of Operations at Glider AI as they discuss the challenges companies face in this context, and their solutions.

Key topics that will be discussed:

  • How the current WFH culture has exacerbated candidate fraud
  • The two most common types of candidate fraud you should be wary of
  • The role technology plays in tackling the problem
  • Enterprise level controls to counter the issue

     and more…

Event date: Enterprise Security And Candidate Fraud: Challenges & Solutions

Event date: 28th June 2022

Event Time: 11: AM – 12: PM EST

Panelist –

  • TalentNet Inc – Eddy Han – VP of Security, Compliance and Data Privacy
  • Glider AI – Ben Walker, VP of Operations


  • Glider AI – Joseph Cole, VP of Marketing
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