Direct sourcing – How does it helps, reduce talent acquisition costs..?

Direct sourcing – How does it helps, reduce talent acquisition costs..?

About this event

A live Q&A featuring on direct Sourcing and we’d love to have you as our special guest.
From reducing the cost of recruitment to cutting down the time to hire, many are the reasons why companies love direct sourcing. But some firms are still on the fence- just because they are unsure about the practicalities in implementing direct sourcing.
Now, here is a webinar aimed precisely at such companies. Find the answers you seek about direct sourcing right here!
We will examine best practices for Implementing Direct Sourcing Programs and Managing Change.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Should I Rollout Direct Sourcing Concurrently with MSP/VMS?
  • What Should I Prioritize During My Rollout?
  • What information do I need to design a direct sourcing program?
  • How Should I Rollout a Global Program?
  • What is Direct Sourcing 2.0 and Why Does it Matter?
  • How Can I Best Leverage Metrics and Reporting? and more…

Direct Sourcing Forum Summer Webinar

Date: Tuesday, 26th July 2022
Time: 11:00 AM Eastern (GMT-4)
Format: Moderated Panel Discussion (via Zoom)

Panelists: Paul Petersen (High5), David Cooper (Opptly), Karen Gonzalez (LiveHire), Jon Dolman (TalentNet), John Poore (PROUnlimited), Kevin Poll (WorkLLama)

Registration Terms:

Confirmation of participation is at the sole discretion of TalentNet.
The TalentNet team will respond within 5 business days of registration, on the status of confirmation.


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