Building brand attraction for seamless talent acquisition

You’ve spent years investing in your brand. 

You’ve grown it based on your audience, evolved it as the market changed, and used it to pull in loyal clients ready to convert. 

So why not use it to supercharge your hiring process?

TalentNet’s innovative platform allows companies to leverage their unique brand power to build robust Talent Communities filled with loyal, knowledgeable candidates who understand your values. 

How we do it – Using your brand to find better candidates

TalentNet’s platform makes it easy to attract qualified candidates using your natural value proposition and brand power.

Here’s how:

  • We help third-party agencies become part of your team. This means Curators won’t just be working on your behalf, they’ll become extensions of your HR department, acting as brand ambassadors through email and text communications as well as social media. 
  • Our communication features allow Curators to create branded templates to use for every stage of the talent acquisition process. Our platform also includes seamless SMS and text features, making it easier to engage with top talent, as well as automated email capabilities, which automatically sends emails when a candidate reaches the next phase in the application process. This feature saves time and creates a better candidate experience.
  • We help companies build fully branded career pages that focus on your value proposition and brand power. 

The benefits of leveraging your brand

Brand power is a key part of any Direct Sourcing strategy. It allows companies to highlight their values and differentiate themselves in their field. 

Benefits include:

  • Increased retention: New hires that have a level of brand loyalty and an understanding of your company’s values last longer than those coming in blind. This means less emergency hiring, lower talent acquisition spend, and a smoother transition.
  • Faster time to productivity: Talent that have a general knowledge of your company and market tend to need less onboarding, meaning they’ll be able to contribute to your company’s revenue stream quicker than a new hire with no prior information.
  • Strong worker referrals and solid talent communities: Workers that are bought into your company’s value proposition are more likely to recommend other talent in their networks, allowing you to build robust talent communities with pre-vetted candidates.

Build your reputation through white labeling

Our platform allows for complete white labeling, meaning each touchpoint will be branded with your company’s name and logo. This ensures candidates build a level of loyalty with your brand and associate our positive candidate experience with your company. 

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