Optimize communication with TalentNet’s seamless platform

Engaging with candidates is an essential part of a successful hiring strategy. Effective communication is crucial when building a positive candidate experience. Without timely, authentic engagement, Curators struggle to build robust Talent Communities, making it difficult to fill open positions with pre-qualified candidates.  

According to recent research, 89% of talent admit they’ll accept a job faster when a recruiter communicates with them while 94% said they would accept a job faster when contacted by the Hiring Manager. 

Two-way communication: How TalentBench enhances candidate communication 

TalentNet’s TalentBench platform allows Curators to build successful communication strategies, enabling companies to properly engage with talent. Our solution includes an automated, two-way communication feature for both emails and SMS, allowing Curators to quickly draft customized emails or texts and receive, store, and organize responses through our platform.

This allows Curators to:

  • Reach out to candidates quickly, ensuring top talent doesn’t opt out of the application process.
  • Never miss an important email or text from a candidate.
  • Encourage transparency in the application process, which builds trust and encourages long-term engagement.
  • Personalize each message, which enhances the candidate experience.

Leveraging our intuitive platform

TalentBench also includes a variety of features that encourages customized, open communication such as:

Communication templates

Curators can create customized templates for every step in the application process. Instead of creating a new email or text for every candidate, Curators can create email, notes and SMS templates, reducing the time it takes to effectively engage with talent. 

Each template includes the following categories:

  • Generic
  • Interview
  • Offer
  • Outreach
  • Rejection

Automated email feature

Through our automated email feature, Curators can save time while still engaging with candidates. Our platform sends out automated emails for every stage of the application process, from the initial receipt of the application to the final decision, creating a superior candidate experience.  

Email signatures

Companies can leverage their brand power by creating customized email signatures to outgoing emails from TalentBench. These signatures can include branded logos, adding a professional element to candidate engagement. 

Application Status Tracker

Transparency is key when creating a positive candidate experience. TalentNet’s application status tracker lets candidates keep track of their application process from when an application is submitted until the final decision. 

Applicants can see the following categories:

  • Applied: Their application was received.
  • Under consideration: The application is under review.
  • Reviewed: The company has completed the review.
  • Shortlisted: Their application has been placed on a shortlist.
  • Interview: They have an interview.
  • Selected/Not selected: The candidate can see whether they were successful or not.
  • Offer: They received a job offer. 

Engaging with top talent

Our platform makes communicating fast and easy while allowing Curators to seamlessly create authentic, open, and engaging communication strategies. 

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