Why One Doorway?

Find the right people, for the right roles that work for them.

Picture this: full-time, contingent and freelance open roles all living in one place.

Through combining your organization’s Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Procurement teams into ONE talent marketing strategy, a candidate can apply for any open position within your organization, creating a single unified experience for ALL talent.

Maximizing your ROI through One Doorway:

  • Create a better candidate experience by having one entry point for talent on your company’s career page, allowing candidates to apply to your open full-time, contract and freelance roles that best fit their personalized career journey.
  • Expect total cost savings from minimizing the use of suppliers across all worker types, streamline talent marketing spend and benefit from significant Direct Source cost savings.
  • Leverage the power of your brand with all worker types by using your brand culture and grow and maintain relationships with all worker types through a white-labelled private talent community. Anticipate additional cost savings from reducing time-to-hire, turnover rates, and training costs, while experiencing improved job performance and overall worker productivity.
  • Gain better data by having all workers come through One Doorway. By having a 360° view of all talent, you will have a better understanding of the overall effectiveness of your talent acquisition marketing strategy. Better data will help you make more informed decisions about how to attract, retain and engage with top talent.
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