Find better talent faster through our One Doorway Solution

Hiring can be hectic. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

TalentNet’s platform creates a One Doorway strategy – which is our Total Talent Solution. This lets companies engage with a variety of different talent from one location – your career page.

An uphill battle with an easy solution

As companies struggle with a changing market and continue to grow their contingent worker programs, many create siloed networks of third-party recruiting agencies – one for each type of worker or employee. Some hire part-time and full-time workers while others look for freelancers and contractors. 

This strategy is costly and difficult to manage.

With TalentNet’s intuitive platform, you can quickly streamline your hiring process, saving money and increasing hiring efficiency. 

The light at the end of the tunnel: Understanding One Doorway

Through TalentNet’s platform, you’ll be able to combine your Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Procurement departments into one unified team, allowing part-time, full-time, and contingent talent to flow in through the same pipeline.

Our One Doorway strategy creates a seamless application process. All candidate types are able to register through our solution using your career page – which is branded and intuitive. Registrants can join your company’s unique Talent Community, where Curators will engage with qualified workers, making it easier to find hires for future roles as well as current ones. 

Creating a superior candidate experience

Top talent expects a positive candidate experience. 

This includes a quick application process, consistent, authentic communication, and thorough feedback. 

Our platform allows your company to create an experience that will motivate candidates, increasing long-term retention. 

We do this through:

  • A 60-second application process. Our AI-powered candidate matching feature matches candidates to jobs based on their profiles and qualifications, creating a quick and easy registration process. 
  • Communication features. Our TalentBench platform allows Curators to create templates for better engagement, and allows them to quickly connect with talent using our SMS and automated email capabilities. 
  • Application progress tracking. Candidates can see where they are in the interview process, creating a transparent application experience. 

Fast, easy, and cost-efficient: Benefits of the One Doorway experience

By using TalentNet’s One Doorway solution, companies can:

  • Leverage your brand power through a fully branded career page. Our solution is white-labeled, allowing companies to build brand loyalty during the application process.
  • Reduce time to hire for all candidate types. Our strategy helps companies build robust talent communities with engaged candidates ready to fulfill current and future roles.
  • Increase candidate retention. Our solution focuses on building talent pipelines filled with pre-vetted, qualified candidates who know and understand your company culture. This leads to smoother onboarding and higher retention.
  • Get real-time insights. Your company will have a full view of all your talent, including key metrics and a better idea of how well your talent acquisition strategy is doing.
  • Reduce costs. One Doorway allows companies to consolidate their third-party vendors, saving money and time year over year.
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