Building diverse workplaces through better hiring practices

Diversity is no longer a promising buzzword, it’s an important priority for a growing number of businesses and candidates.

Research has shown that diverse workplaces that value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practices outperform those that don’t. Companies with a high level of diversity tend to earn 2.5 times more cash flow per employee while inclusive teams were found to be 35% more productive.

Still, the search for diverse talent can be difficult.

Which is where TalentNet comes in.

Our DEI survey to help you build diverse workplaces

Our TalentBench platform includes an anonymous DEI survey at the end of each registration process. Surveys are available to each candidate registering for a talent community, allowing companies to better understand the makeup of these communities. 

All sensitive information is kept private, and surveys are completely voluntary, which creates a positive candidate experience while supporting diversity hiring. 

Companies can use DEI data to create best practices, optimize diversity policies and make effective hiring decisions.

TalentNet is fully compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which works to prevent discrimination in the workplace. 

TalentNet’s Diversity Job Network

Our platform seamlessly integrates with over 12 diversity job boards in the US, allowing companies to effortlessly post open positions in communities that champion DEI practices and diverse hiring initiatives. 

Industry-leading AI tools

TalentNet’s intuitive platform includes AI-driven solutions that protect against hiring bias. Our Job Description Optimization tool uses generative AI to compose clear, effective descriptions that attract top talent. Curators are able to avoid biased language that may deter diverse applicants from applying. 

Our TalentNavigator platform creates shortlists for curators by quickly searching through candidate profiles. TalentNet’s proprietary technology helps Curators avoid unconscious bias by excluding personal information like names and addresses, focusing instead on skills and experience. 

To learn more about our platform, request a demo here

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