Working with the best – How TalentNet’s integrations boost your hiring process

Building a successful talent acquisition strategy is a complicated undertaking with many moving parts. From creating best practices and finding an intuitive platform to choosing experienced Curators and using a top-tier VMS, hiring requires more than one skill set. 

Which is why TalentNet partners with our industry’s top leaders to ensure all your needs are met, from Curation to automation and beyond.  

Working with a committed team

Our implementation team offers end-to-end support during the integration process.

This includes:

  • Transparent communication and frequent touchpoints to mitigate any issues and create a timeline that works for all stakeholders.
  • A thorough training process that includes a live demo, a full review of the candidate journey, and a walk-through of our intuitive TalentBench platform.
  • Full visibility of the entire solution through best practice workshops and regular status meetings.

Using a solid network for better results

As the originators of Direct Sourcing, TalentNet has spent the last 10+ years building partnerships with industry experts. Our platform allows companies to post directly to industry-leading job boards and access top-tier customer service from hiring professionals that understand your market.

Meet our partners

TalentNet’s solution includes a host of technical integrations, such as:

  • AWS, a cutting-edge cloud platform that hosts global data centers offering 175 services
  • Innovative VMS agencies, including SAP Fieldglass, a cloud-based VMS that allows companies to effectively manage their vendors, and Workday VNDLY, which combines a cutting-edge VMS with its Human Capital Management System for a smoother hiring process.
  • Enterprise companies like Google (including Google for Business), Meta, LinkedIn, and Indeed

Our service partnerships allow companies to consolidate their third-party vendors while receiving superior service. They include:

  • Allegis Global Solutions, the largest MSP in America
  • DEI-centric partners such as Candidate X, which helps companies build diverse workforces by supporting DEI hiring efforts, and The Professional Diversity Network, America’s top diversity recruiting platform
  • TAPFIN, a leader in the curation market that focuses on data-driven talent management

Leveraging our community of experts

TalentNet’s intuitive platform integrates with a variety of top-tier technical solutions, job ads, VMS, and MSP partnerships. 

Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Through cost savings. By using our solution, companies are able to reduce third-party agency spend and consolidate their vendors, decreasing costs while increasing hiring efficiency.
  • By future-proofing your talent acquisition strategy. We work with the best in our field, meaning we have access to cutting-edge technology that effortlessly enhances your hiring process.
  • Save time by optimizing your hiring programs. By leveraging our network of experts, your company will receive seamless support that streamlines key talent acquisition processes. From AI-driven tools and Curators specializing in contingent worker programs, each integration enhances your company’s talent acquisition process.

To learn more, request a demo here.

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