Direct Sourcing explained

How does Direct Sourcing work?

Through a talent acquisition platform, like TalentNet, Direct Sourcing enables companies to establish connections, oversee, and interact with candidates in a white-labelled private talent pool – often referred to as a Talent Community.

Through a Talent Community, you are able to:

  • Cultivate quality pools of talent and build pipelines for future roles to ensure you are finding the right talent at the right time.
  • Continue to develop relationships with passive talent, such as potential candidates who are currently employed.
  • Build a multi-facet Diversity, Inclusive and Equity (DEI) strategy and talent pool ensuring your organization benefits from a diverse workforce.
  • Diversify their hiring tactics through the combination of traditional job advertising, like job boards, and proactive sourcing and cold calling.
  • Manage internal talent referrals or implement employee referral / rewards programs.

A cost-effective approach

Companies that utilize Direct Sourcing talent communities fill positions up to 40% faster while improving the candidate experience and protecting their brand. By empowering the candidate to apply directly to roles and utilizing AI to review and force rank candidate experience, companies reduce time spent reviewing unqualified applicants or sourcing multiple databases, ensuring qualified candidates advance quickly through the talent pipeline.

How does Direct Sourcing impact your bottom line?

  • An average of 4 days reduction in total time to fill open roles
  • Up to 30% lower bill rates vs competitively sourced
  • 25% or more improvement to submit to hire ratios
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