Revolutionize your hiring strategy through Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing is a game changer in the talent acquisition field.

A well-managed Direct Sourcing strategy backed by real-time data and an intuitive digital platform helps companies find better talent faster, decreasing time to fill.

By opting for a holistic approach to hiring, hiring professionals can ensure each hire is qualified, knowledgeable, and has a level of brand loyalty, leading to higher worker retention rates.

What is Direct Sourcing?

Direct Sourcing is a cutting-edge talent acquisition strategy that empowers companies to develop efficient, long-term hiring practices by connecting with candidates already in their network and leveraging each business’s unique brand power.

Through Direct Sourcing, organizations build Talent Communities where Curators engage with qualified candidates in order to fill your talent pipeline. This allows for easy hiring when positions open up in the future. 

Companies are able to leverage their own resources instead of relying on costly third-party agencies. 

How it works

Key Direct Sourcing practices include:

  • Opting for Direct Sourcing Curators over recruiters. The difference is simple. Curators focus on long-term strategies while building strong relationships with potential hires. This lets you avoid emergency measures when an unexpected opening comes up.
  • Building talent communities filled with engaged, qualified candidates. This way, you can leverage your strong network to build long-lasting relationships with former and referred talent. Curators engage with members long-term, creating brand loyalty and allowing them to fill open positions faster.
  • Creating talent pools from talent communities. Talent pools are specialized groups created based on industries, locations, and skill sets. Hiring managers can quickly build talent pipelines filled with pre-vetted, qualified applicants, which decreases time to fill. 
  • Maintaining strong talent pipelines to better organize your hiring process. Pipelines are essentially lists of potential hires that usually come through talent communities and pools. 
  • Implementing an intuitive Direct Sourcing platform with AI-powered capabilities. TalentNet’s solution allows curators to grow, manage and engage with talent communities through seamless SMS and text features. These include our automated email feature, which automatically sends out emails for each phase of the application process. Our TalentNavigator platform acts as a virtual assistant, allowing curators to quickly create qualified short lists while our Job Description Optimization feature uses generative AI to write compelling, SEO-Optimized job descriptions to attract top talent faster.

Why choose TalentNet’s Direct Sourcing platform?

Direct Sourcing is both efficient and cost effective. As the originators of this revolutionary strategy, TalentNet is able to guide our clients through every step of the process, from best practice development to talent community growth. 

Our clients have seen:

  • An average savings of around $3 million / client
  • An average of 140 Direct Sourcing placements
  • An average job fulfillment rate of 36%
  • An average of 70% community growth
  • Cost savings through a reduction of vendors needed for the hiring process

Benefits include:

  • Long-term cost savings. Companies are able to reduce vendor spend while enjoying year-over-year cost reductions.
  • Faster time to fill by leveraging your network, companies are able to re-engage pre-vetted top talent, allowing you to fill open positions faster and ensure long-term retention.
  • Support your DEI programs. Our platform includes an anonymous DEI survey, allowing companies to build diverse talent communities.
  • Create better candidate experiences. TalentNet’s solution is easy to use and intuitive. Our AI-powered job matching feature quickly matches candidates with open positions based on their qualifications, creating a 60-second application process.

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