Clear insights for better decision making: Using our enterprise BI for dynamic reporting and metrics

Solid metrics and analytics are key to understanding your talent acquisition strategy. Without clear data, it’s difficult to make informed decisions and create effective best practices.

Our innovative solution uses industry-leading technology to ensure companies get real-time data insights that boost your hiring strategy. 

Understanding the back end: Explaining BI-NLP

TalentNet’s solution uses Business Intelligence (BI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to review candidate data and provide actionable insights to drive your hiring process. 

BI can:

  • Collect, process and analyze large volumes of information
  • Support data visualization and reporting capabilities
  • Boost your ability to optimize hiring processes and identify growth opportunities

NLP allows our platforms to:

  • Understand and analyze text.
  • Generate human language based on user inputs.
  • Extract key insights from large amounts of text.

Together, these technologies allow our solutions to find, analyze and report key talent acquisition metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement in your hiring processes.

Boost your hiring strategy with better analytics 

TalentNet’s BI-NLP powered solutions allow hiring professionals to access and analyze real-time data through our platform.

Benefits include:

  • Allowing senior leaders to better understand the hiring process
  • Tracking key performance metrics for Curators
  • Enabling companies to make strategic decisions backed by real-time data
  • Better understanding your candidates and their application decisions

Through our innovative tech, TalentNet provides:

Our Job Matching Feature

When applicants register for a talent community in TalentBench, our platform is able to search through their resumes along with all open positions and match candidates with jobs based on their qualifications. Both talent and Curators get a job match percentage, allowing for a 60-second application process and quicker decision making on the hiring side.


Our cutting-edge platform allows Curators and Hiring Managers to access up-to-date data on one or multiple programs. Users can easily download Excel sheets with customized candidate metrics, allowing companies to track application activity, time to hire, talent community registration, and hiring outcomes.  

Through this platform, companies can better understand their curation processes, allowing them to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

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