Direct Sourcing – A Fireside Chat with Industry Experts | Co-hosted by Pontoon Solutions and TalentNet

Listen in on this intimate conversation between Jason Carter from Astellas and Scott Farley from Northern Trust as we explore topics around Direct Sourcing, such as the goals and benefits, challenges to prepare for when implementing a new Direct Source program, and how it may affect the supplier community.

Co-hosted by TalentNet COO Justin Lumby and Jay Eardly from Pontoon Solutions, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss!

Some of the topics discussed include:

– How to handle co-employment if Direct Sourcing is implemented

– What impact does implementing a Direct Sourcing program have on the supplier community

– What are the goals and benefits of implementing Direct Sourcing

– Does Direct Sourcing also include other types of workers (e.g. freelancers)