Changing the Way Organizations Find Their Best Talent

TalentNet is a woman-owned human capital management software company founded in 2013. Deployed as an enterprise SaaS platform, TalentNet is used by large-scale contingent workforce programs to directly attract, retain and engage high-quality talent, without utilizing traditional staffing suppliers.

The vision began with the belief that industry-leading companies can leverage their brand and existing data to attract contract workers rather than relying exclusively on third-party staffing agencies.

The TalentNet platform is built with the job seeker in mind and offers organizations a suite of private talent community functionality. Job seekers benefit from machine learning, trained specifically to recommend opportunities and new roles based on their professional experience and skillset.

TalentNet offers enterprise organizations benefits that save money, time and talent:

By centralizing workforce data, organizations are presented intelligent insight into their total talent availability, enabling better worker utilization, increased worker quality and significant cost avoidance.

Direct Talent Attraction:

Save costs by reducing third-party talent sourcing. TalentNet’s powerful white-labelled job publication allows your organization to directly attract high-quality talent from the world’s largest job boards, search engines and social media platforms. Optimize your talent attraction strategy by easily monitoring the ROI on multiple talent channels and making objective business decisions.

Highly Scalable Talent Pools that Retain Talent:

Develop and nurture rich talent pools of your alumni, silver medalists, past consultants, interns and more with TalentNet TalentCommunity. A candidate-centric experience provides transparency into open opportunities and job application status, while promoting brand engagement.

Powerful Sourcing & Applicant Tracking:

Utilize a full suite of recruitment and applicant tracking tools with TalentNet TalentBench. Built on cutting-edge technology and empowered through AI, organizations can deeply integrate with today’s cloud and social ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence that Benefits Job Seekers and Recruiters:

Enable job seekers with machine-learning models trained off millions of historical requisition records, providing candidates with AI-enabled job matches just seconds after a job is published. Recruiters benefit from AI-driven job applicant rankings, suggested candidates and much more.